Phoenix Classics

Phoenix Classics Tenkara Lines

Phoenix Classics Tenkara Lines are handmade furled lines in the traditional style, using modern hi-tech materials.

The story of Phoenix has been to create lines which echo the traditional fishing styles with cane and silk, but work equally well with modern fishing rods. Tenkara, the traditional Japanese fishing style, has the same ethos and traditionalists look for something which is not mass-produced, preferring something which reflects traditional values.

Phoenix Tenkara lines are furled and hand­made in France. The use of Uni-­thread, rather than harsher nylon, means that these lines turn over well and land gently without spooking a fish. It has gives the line a finer tip and more delicate presentation for smaller flies.

They are available in ‘fine’ and ‘extra fine’ weights according to fly size, conditions or preference.

Tenkara product packaging
Length Tip Price Weight
8 ft. 240 cms Plain tip €21.00
Coloured tip €22.50
9 ft. 270 cms Plain tip €21.00
Coloured tip €22.50
10 ft. 300 cms Plain tip €21.00
Coloured tip €22.50
11 ft. 330 cms Plain tip €21.00
Coloured tip €22.50
17 ft. 520 cms Plain tip €22.00
Coloured tip €23.50

Custom option: we can be make custom lines up to 5 metres on request, the tapers can be varied to requirement and coloured tips added for easy bite detection. Contact us for details.