Phoenix Classics

Braided Leader for Floating Lines

This is the most effective solution for connecting the ultra fine tip of a silk line to a leader, a braided leader which is designed specifically for use with silk lines, but is equally effective for use with synthetic lines. It gives a smooth transition from line to leader without hingeing.

Phoenix braided leaders are made from using a combination of natural silk and man-made fibre (Uni-Thread). The addition of silk gives a leader of great suppleness, coupled with the strength of the Uni-Thread.

The braided leaders are produced with loops at both ends to enable loop-to-loop connection, if required.

Alternatively, cut of the loop at the butt end of the leader and simply insert the end of the flyline into the braid. Whip a few turns of fly-tying silk around the braid near to the end, trim the ends and add a dab of superglue to secure it.

Use a loop to loop connection to join the monofilament to the loop braided at the tip of the leader.

Extra Info:
For silk lines and synthetic lines. Floats after treatment with Red Mucilin.
Braided material in a natural colour.
Approx 170cm, 0.27mm diameter. Line sizes 5 upwards for silk, 3—6 for synthetic lines.
Price quoted is in Euros — convert €11.00 to other currencies on Google